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Late 19th & Early 20th Century British Works
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THE RIDDLE OF THE SANDS by Erskine Childers (Robert Erskine Childers, 1870-1922). This Adventure-Spy-Thriller Novel later proved to be more fact than fiction, becoming even more popular than when first published. At age 33, Childers, already an accomplished amateur Sailor and veteran of the Boer War, combined his love of Sailing, the Sea, and Adventure in this — his only Book — about a young man who inadverently sailed his way into international intrigue, and the brink of World War. Childers would himself continue to lead a life of adventure and danger — through both World War I and the Irish Revolution — until his untimely death in 1922. Executed by an Irish Firing squad for possession of a small hand-gun, Childers became one of the earliest and most famous casualties of 20th Century govermental gun control. Includes all Illustrations—now in color—from the 391 page Book originally published in 1903, with added photographs of Childers, his wife, and their famous Yacht. 
ISBN 0-7943-0106-1 $6.95 CD Win98/ME/95* Available Now. 
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THE SEA AND THE JUNGLE by H. M. Tomlinson (Henry Major, 1873-1958). 
The first of Tomlinson's Books — about his first ocean voyage to the Americas, on assignment as a full-time Newspaper reporter and serving as purser of the Capella. Tomlinson gives an excellent first-hand account of the first successful passage of the Amazon River and its tributary, the Madeira, by an English steamer — the perils they faced at Sea, and the exotic beauty and dangers of the deep Amazon Jungle. Historic non-fiction, but it reads like an Adventure Novel. Includes the complete 378 page New York (1920) printing of the Book first published in 1912. 
ISBN 0-7943-0102-9 $6.95 CD Win98/ME/95* Available Now. 
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OLD JUNK by H. M. Tomlinson (Henry Major, 1873-1958). 
Tomlinson's second Book — a collection of his best Newspaper and Magazine articles, travel pieces and most popular short stories (including "The Derelict") written between 1907 and 1918. Some of Tomlinson's best writing! Includes the complete 237 page Book first published in 1918. 
ISBN 0-7943-0103-7 $6.95 CD Win98/ME/95* Available Now. 
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LONDON RIVER by H. M. Tomlinson (Henry Major, 1873-1958). 
Tomlinson's third Book — a collection of touching stories about the historic old West India Docks in East London, its "Tall Ships," and the men who sailed them. Before becoming a journalist, Tomlinson once worked there, as did his father before him. Not only a "good read," but an important work, as this area of London was later destroyed during the "Blitz." Includes the complete 251 page Book first published in 1921, with the original Frontispiece. 
ISBN 0-7943-0104-5 $6.95 CD Win98/ME/95* Available Now. 
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WAITING FOR DAYLIGHT by H. M. Tomlinson (Henry Major, 1873-1958). 
The fourth of Tomlinson's Books — his personal diary from World War I, in which he gives his personal experiences and feelings, without bloody details, about the men, daily life, and carnage he saw in France, as an official war correspondent for the British Army. Includes the complete 263 page Book first published in 1922. 
ISBN 0-7943-0105-3 $6.95 CD Win98/ME/95* Available Now. 
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