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Great pre Civil War Southern Literature & Legends:

THE FLUSH TIMES OF ALABAMA AND MISSISSIPPI by Joseph G. Baldwin (Joseph Glover, 1815-1864). Baldwin's sketches are about his adventures as a lawyer during the boom years (or "flush" times) of the newly expanded Southern frontier. First published in periodicals, Baldwin's stories include humorous tales about shady lawyers and con men, but have biographical and morality content as well. The historical value of Baldwin's stories is easily overlooked, in that all were written nearly a decade or more before the Civil War. One example is the letter from the "Yankee Schoolmistress" to "Mrs. Harriet S——". Joseph Glover Baldwin died in 1864 of tuberculosis, one of the great killer plagues of the South during and after the Civil War. Includes Music of the period digitally performed by Benjamin Tubb, and all Illustrations from the 358 page Book originally published in 1853. 
ISBN 0-7943-0075-8 $14.95 CD Windows 98/ME/95* Available Early 2003. 

DAVID CROCKETT: HIS LIFE AND ADVENTURES by John S. C. Abbott (John Stevens Cabot, 1805-1877). An interesting, easy to read, but highly informative look into the entire life of American and Southern Hero "Davy" Crockett (1786-1836), his ancestry and youthful Adventures, married life, Military and Indian fighting days in Alabama and Florida, Justice of the Peace and Legislator careers, further Adventures and exploits, and ending with Crockett's last days in Texas and at the Alamo. Abbott's Book includes the majority of Crockett's autobiography, but expands on almost every facet with factual data from other sources. The complete 350 page Book first published in 1874, with original and added illustrations. 
ISBN 0-7943-0076-6 $14.95 CD Windows 98/ME/95* Available Early 2003. 

THE ADVENTURES OF BIG-FOOT WALLACE, THE TEXAS RANGER AND HUNTER by John C. Duval (John Crittenden Duval) 1816-1897. Although principally about legendary "Big Foot" Wallace (William Alexander Anderson Wallace, 1817-1899), this Book was actually a collaboration by Wallace and Duval, friends and fellow Texas Rangers. Both were veterans of the war for Texas Independence; Duval, a survivor of Goliad and Coleto; and Wallace, descended from Highlanders William Wallace and Robert Bruce, arriving from Virginia in 1836 to avenge kinsmen killed by the Mexicans at Goliad. Also covers Somervell and Mier expeditions, Mexican-American War, Civil War, Indian uprisings, and these two Texas Rangers in these events. Factual details in this Book are quite similar to, and bear out details in Larry McMurtry's acclaimed "Lonesome Dove" series. The complete 324 page 1870 Book, with illustrations. 
ISBN 0-7943-0078-2 $14.95 CD Windows 98/ME/95* Available Now. 

Notable Fiction about The Old South:

UNCLE TOM'S CABIN, OR LIFE AMONG THE LOWLY by Harriet Beecher Stowe (1811-1896). A melodramatic but remarkable depiction of daily Plantation life, and a "good read" for that reason alone. However, Stowe claimed to have written this Book for one purpose, and one only—to denounce Slavery. Stowe accomplishes her purpose by endearing her main character to the reader, and then carrying the plot through 3 different Plantation settings, each with more emotional and tragic events than the last. This Book, which may have helped to inspire John Brown's infamous attempt to lead slaves into armed revolt against the whites of the South, ironically is largely considered "politically incorrect" today due to its portrayal of "Uncle Tom" as a gentle, forgiving natured man. The complete 630 page Book first published in 1852, with original and added later edition Illustrations. 
ISBN 0-7943-0080-4 $14.95 CD Windows 98/ME/95* Available Summer 2003. 

UNCLE REMUS, HIS SONGS AND SAYINGS; THE FOLKLORE OF THE OLD PLANTATION by Joel Chandler Harris, 1848-1908. Written by Harris as a serious work to preserve important Southern Black folklore in authentic dialect, but the Book was an immediate "Hit" on Humor reading lists. Harris, having grown up in the pre Civil War South, collected many of these stories from Blacks he had known, and thinking them too significant to be forgotten, published many in Newspaper articles, and then more completely in Books. This Book was the first and most famous, and includes the Uncle Remus stories and characters — Brer Rabbit, Brer Fox, Brer Bear, Tar Baby —  immortalized in Disney's 1946 movie "The Song of The South", starring Oscar winner James Bassett as Uncle Remus. Sadly, Disney executives have "permanently retired" this multi Academy Award nominated film, and it may never be seen in the U.S. again  —  but you can still see all the original stories and character drawings in this reproduction of the Complete 231 page Illustrated Book first published in 1880. 
ISBN 0-7943-0083-9 $14.95 CD Windows 98/ME/95* Available Winter 2003.

WITH LEE IN VIRGINIA: A STORY OF THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR by G. A. Henty (George Alfred, 1832-1902). A Fictional, but Historical account of the Civil War A rare American History based Classic by this famous British Author, whose Books have probably "taught" more World History than Schools. Henty's stories are told through young fictional characters associated with actual People and major  Events in History, but have been criticized in recent years for their strong underlying Christian values themes, and this Book in particular for its pro Confederacy point of view. Complete with all original Illustrations, including battlefield maps, from the 380 page book first published in 1880. Originally billed for Adults and 5th graders, up. 
ISBN 0-7943-0081-2 $14.95 CD Windows 98/ME/95* Available Summer 2003. 

Leaders, Generals, Soldiers and Sailors of The Confederacy:

THE RISE AND FALL OF THE CONFEDERATE GOVERNMENT by Jefferson Davis (1808-1889). The ultimate authority about the cause, the course, and the aftermath of the American Civil War, written by distinguished 1828 West Point graduate; twice U.S. Army war hero (Black-Hawk War of 1831 and the Mexican War of 1846); U.S. Congressman 1845-1846; U.S. Secretary of War 1854-1857; U.S. Senator 1847-1851, 1857-1861; and the only President of the Confederate States of America 1861-1865, Jefferson Davis. Also includes the complete 56 page text of the 1859 Book SPEECHES OF THE HON. JEFFERSON DAVIS OF MISSISSIPPI DELIVERED DURING THE SUMMER OF 1858. Includes all Chapters and Illustrations from the Two Volume, 1500 plus page Book Set originally published in 1881. 
This version does not have "Copy & Paste" feature:
ISBN 0-7943-0050-2 $29.95 CD Windows 98/ME/95* Available Summer 2003.
Version with "Copy & Paste" feature:
ISBN 0-7943-0051-0 $99.95 CD Windows 98/ME/95* Available Summer 2003.

PERSONAL REMINISCENCES, ANECDOTES, AND LETTERS OF GENERAL ROBERT E. LEE By Rev. J. William Jones (John William, 1836-1909), Chaplain of the Army of Northern Virginia (CSA), and later of the Faculty of Washington and Lee University. A magnificent work by an intimate friend of R. E. Lee and his family, and quite possibly the closest look ever into the person of Robert E. Lee, as attested to by its title page statement: "Published by authority of the Lee family, and of the faculty of Washington and Lee University." Includes all Illustrations from the 528 page Book originally published in 1875, only four years after Lee's death. 
ISBN 0-7943-0053-7 $14.95 CD Windows 98/ME/95* Available Spring 2003.

RECOLLECTIONS AND LETTERS OF GENERAL ROBERT E. LEE by Captain Robert E. Lee, Jr. (Robert Edward Lee, Jr., 1843-1914). A personal look, from the perspective only this writer could have, that of being Lee's son and namesake, and of being a fellow Confederate Officer. A son's recollections of his famous father, with many personal anecdotes about this son of one Revolutionary War Hero and confidant of Washington, nephew of another, and husband of George Washington's granddaughter. Robert E. Lee, Jr. gives the reader a close in look at his father, and shares precious personal letters originally known only to Lee's intimate family. A must read for anyone wishing to know the private man inside the famous General Robert E. Lee, 1807-1870. Complete 461 page Book first printed in 1904, with original and added Illustrations. 
ISBN 0-7943-0054-5 $14.95 CD Windows 98/ME/95* Available Fall 2003.

FOUR YEARS UNDER MARSE ROBERT by Robert Stiles (1836-1905), Major of Artillery in the Army of Northern Virginia (CSA). A compelling firsthand account of the battles fought by General Lee, with indepth personal reflection and descriptions of daily life and conditions in the ranks. Stiles tells the story of "Marse Robert" and his campaigns from his own experiences, allowing the reader to easily "see and feel" the anticipation, struggles, and the deprivations faced by the Confederate Soldier, as he marched into and fought through the Civil War, battle by battle. A real life "Red Badge of Courage" Book, highly acclaimed for its comprehensive account of the battles of 1864-65, and the best seller ever printed by New York's Neale Publishing Co. The complete 368 page Book first published in 1903; original and added illustrations. 
ISBN 0-7943-0055-3 $14.95 CD Windows 98/ME/95* Available Summer 2003.

THE MEMOIRS OF COLONEL JOHN S. MOSBY by John Singleton Mosby (1833-1916). The true story of the "Grey Ghost" in his own words. This pre-war lawyer first became a private, then a Scout, and lastly a Colonel in the Partisan Rangers serving with JEB Stuart's Cavalry. Called a "myth" by Northern Newspapers, Mosby was the most illusive Confederate Cavalry Officer, and caused such embarrassment to the Union Army around and inside Washington that Grant issued a $5000 reward for him, one month after Lee had surrendered at Appomattox. He was the inspiration for the popular 1950s Television serial, "The Grey Ghost". Complete with all original Illustrations from the 445 page Book printed in 1917. 
ISBN 0-7943-0056-1 $14.95 CD Windows 98/ME/95* Available Summer 2003.

THE LIFE OF STONEWALL JACKSON, FROM OFFICIAL PAPERS, CONTEMPORARY NARRATIVES, AND PERSONAL ACQUAINTANCE by "A Virginian" (John Esten Cooke, 1830-1886). This Book was printed in the South and in the North (New York) in 1863, the same year that Jackson died and nearly two years before the Civil War ended, proving the respect universally held for one of the Confederacy's greatest and most successful Generals. The author, an acclaimed novelist and poet, was at the time a Captain in General J.E.B. Stuart's cavalry, (and cousin of Stuart's wife). Cooke states in his Book that it was written "in bivouac, by the roadside [and] immediately before and after engagements...". The complete 310 page Illustrated Book first published in 1863. 
ISBN 0-7943-0057-X $14.95 CD Windows 98/ME/95* Available Spring 2003. 

ONE OF JACKSON'S FOOT CAVALRY: HIS EXPERIENCE AND WHAT HE SAW DURING THE WAR 1861-1865, INCLUDING A HISTORY OF "F COMPANY," RICHMOND, VA., 21st REGIMENT VIRGINIA INFANTRY, SECOND BRIGADE, JACKSON'S DIVISION, SECOND CORPS, ARMY OF N. VA. by John H. Worsham, An Old "F." One of the most comprehensive records ever produced about any Military Unit, intricately detailing "F Company" and Jackson's Command from its very beginning, before secession, through all the battles and campaigns that made it and "Stonewall" Jackson so feared and respected. Told from the perspective of "one in the ranks", it gives the reader a close-in view of every facet of daily life in Stonewall's Army; the "routine" along with the "glorious" times; the growing stark conditions and how these brave men contended with and overcame them. Worsham also includes unit statistics, official communications and periodic rosters, making this Book a researcher's dream, as well a pleasure to read. The complete 353 page Book printed in 1912; with the original (charts, sketches, photographs) and added illustrations and maps. 
ISBN 0-7943-0058-8 $14.95 CD Windows 98/ME/95* Available Summer 2003. 

TWO BOYS IN THE CIVIL WAR AND AFTER by W. R. Houghton (William Robert) 1842-1906, and M. B. Houghton (Mitchell Bennett) 1845-1925. The story of two brothers from Alabama: William, an 18 year old School Teacher at Smith's Station, Alabama, enlisted in 1861, and wounded 7 times in battle; and 16 year old Mitchell, an assistant newspaper editor at Newton, Alabama, also enlisted in 1861, twice wounded, captured at Lookout Mountain, and imprisoned for 16 months at Camp Morton, Indiana, where he nearly died from starvation and exposure. Includes descriptions of many famous Confederate Officers and some of the most significant battles of the War, and blunt descriptions of what was done to the South during "Reconstruction". Complete with all Illustrations from the 242 page Book published by Montgomery's Paragon Press in 1912, and "Morningview", the M. B. Houghton family home in Montgomery (at the time of publication). 
ISBN 0-7943-0060-X $14.95 CD Windows 98/ME/95* Available Summer 2003. 

THE CRUISE OF THE ALABAMA AND SUMTER by Admiral Raphael Semmes (1809-1877). At a time when Union Ships were blockading all Southern Harbors, and attacking Southern Merchantmen on sight, as well as CSN warships, one CSN Admiral was called a privateer even pirate, because of his world famous battle tactics and ships. No one was better able to answer these charges and tell the true story of these famous Confederate warships than their captain, Admiral Raphael Semmes, and he did. Semmes covers his Naval life from Annapolis throughout his US Navy career, his CSN wartime cruises and battles in the major oceans, up through the loss of the Alabama off the coast of France. He explains why he felt compelled to join the Confederate Navy, gives full justification of his actions under accepted Maritime Law, and authenticates his work with journal entries, letters and personal papers from his Officer Corps, and other sources, as well as his own. Includes all original footnotes from the original 337 page 1864 Book, and added Illustrations and cruise Maps of the Alabama and Sumter. 
ISBN 0-7943-0064-2 $14.95 CD Windows 98/ME/95* Available Winter 2003. 

RECOLLECTIONS OF A NAVAL LIFE: INCLUDING THE CRUISES OF THE CONFEDERATE STATES STEAMERS, "SUMTER" AND "ALABAMA" by John McIntosh Kell, 1823-1900, executive officer aboard the Confederate Cruisers, Alabama and Sumter. A fascinating view of daily life aboard sailing vessels. Kell tells his story with the same youthful flair he lived it. Written in two parts: the First about his 20 years in the U.S. Navy, and ventures to the Gulf — South America — Hawaii — California — the Mexican War — China — Hong Kong — Japan — the Philippines and more; the Second about his Confederate Navy service, the Alabama and its final battle — the murderous shelling after surrender and the hesitation in picking up wounded and survivors by the USS Kearsage. The reader is given a feel of what it was really like to serve with the brave crews of the Confederate Navy's most famous ships — how they lived, worked and fought together against a vastly larger enemy. The complete 307 page Book printed in 1900; original and added illustrations and maps. 
ISBN 0-7943-0065-0 $14.95 CD Windows 98/ME/95* Available Fall 2003. 

RECOLLECTIONS OF A REBEL REEFER by James Morris Morgan (1845- 1928), son of an influential Louisiana Judge, brother of Sarah Morgan Dawson (see her "A Confederate Girl's Diary", below, a compliment to this book). Morgan's Book is a treasure chest filled with the colorful memories of his life: descriptions of the old South of his youth, and his family; at Annapolis (age 15); his experiences as a young Confederate Naval Officer (ages 15-19)— on the Mississippi River — New Orleans — on the High Seas — duty in Europe — Family in constant peril — Family Home ransacked — two Brothers killed, Captains with Stonewall Jackson — the last days of the Confederate High Seas Fleet, including the Alabama — action and intrigue as the Confederate Government falls  — imprisonment of Davis and others; and his life after the war, including service as a Captain in the Egyptian Army, and much more. A "must" read! The complete 512 page Illustrated Book first printed 1917. 
ISBN 0-7943-0066-9 $14.95 CD Windows 98/ME/95* Available Summer 2003. 

The Plight of Civilians in the South During The Civil War:

A CONFEDERATE GIRL'S DIARY by Sarah Morgan Dawson (1842- 1909). A highly detailed look at the hardships of Life in Louisiana during the Civil War from the Diaries of Sarah Morgan, daughter of Judge Thomas Gibbes Morgan, and sister of Naval Officer James Morris Morgan (see his Book, above). Detailed and personal day to day entries allow the reader to "live" the events, running from one engagement after another — often back and forth to the same homes, how news was spread, learning of friends and loved ones wounded or killed, loosing one's home for enemy Officers' housing with no place to go, fear of rape and worse, being injured while fleeing harm with no medical help except neighborly kindness, and much more. This diary was almost destroyed out of anger at a Northern "Gentleman's" comment that a southern girl could not have written it so well, but saved and later published by her son, Warrington Dawson. The complete 460 page Book published post-humously in 1913; with the original Illustrations and Introduction by her son. 
ISBN 0-7943-0069-3 $14.95 CD Windows 98/ME/95* Available Spring 2003. 

A BLOCKADED FAMILY: LIFE IN SOUTHERN ALABAMA DURING THE CIVIL WAR by Parthenia Antoinette Hague (Mrs. Parthenia Antoinette Hague Vardaman, 1838-?). Starting at the eve of the Civil War, this School Teacher tells the true story of Eufaula and southeastern Alabama through the entire war. With vivid word pictures, she helps the reader visualize the beauty, and later the difficulties and horrors of life experienced by the citizens of this picturesque region. Of particular interest is the revelation of the pre-war activities of a well funded spy from a Northern "John Brown" like Society. Ironically, though targeted for destruction before the War, this area was one of few in the South not totally burned by invading troops, and has many Beautiful old Plantation Homes still standing today, some open to the public on special occasions. An endorsement to the First Edition reads: "This book should be read by the children's children's children of the South," Jefferson Davis, 1888. Complete 176 page Book published in 1888, with added Illustrations. 
ISBN 0-7943-0070-7 $14.95 CD Windows 98/ME/95* Available Fall 2003. 
Version without added Illustrations and Photos:
ISBN 0-7943-0112-6 $9.95 CD Windows 98/ME/95* Available Now.

A BELLE OF THE FIFTIES, MEMOIRS OF MRS. CLAY, OF ALABAMA, SOCIAL AND POLITICAL LIFE IN WASHINGTON AND THE SOUTH, 1853-1866 by Virginia Clay-Clopton (Mrs. Clement C. Clay, Jr.). Granddaughter of a Revolutionary War General, niece of an Alabama Governor and Supreme Court Judge (by whom she was partially raised and educated), and wife of second generation U.S. Senator Clement Clay, Jr. (later Adjutant to the Confederate President), Virginia Clay was a master of social politics in pre-war Washington. She gives an in-depth, revealing look into the famous people, issues and critical events of "Washington City" and the South, before and throughout the Civil War. Also includes the complete 16 page text of the: SPEECH OF HON. CLEMENT C. CLAY, JR., ON SLAVERY ISSUES, DELIVERED AT HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA, SEPTEMBER 5TH, 1859. The complete 386 page Book printed in 1904, with all original Illustrations, some in color. 
ISBN 0-7943-0071-5 $14.95 CD Windows 98/ME/95* Available Summer 2003. 

THE JOURNAL OF JULIA LEGRAND: NEW ORLEANS 1862-1863 by Julia LeGrand (Mrs. Julia Ellen LeGrand Waitz, 1829-1881). Immensely wealthy before the Civil War, this beautiful and intelligent Southern Belle "lost everything" during the Federal occupation of New Orleans, as so many did. This Book contains the surviving portions of her Journals of 1861-1863, in which she recorded the hard times of the Blockade and the horrors of the military occupation, as experienced by civilians of all races and social status. Accounts of bands of roving thieves and Northern deserters, forced labor and mistreatment of Negroes by Federal troops and officials, unlawful seizure and sale of property, and even the arrest of Mothers and Children for not taking loyalty oaths are only part of the topics covered. Includes letters, newspaper accounts, and a detailed biography and genealogy of the LeGrand family (1910). Includes all Illustrations and exhibits from the 318 page Book published in 1911 by relatives Kate Mason Rowland and Mrs. Morris L. Croxall. 
ISBN 0-7943-0072-3 $14.95 CD Windows 98/ME/95* Available Winter 2003. 

MEMORIALS OF A SOUTHERN PLANTER by Susan Dabney Smedes, (1840- 1913). Smedes attacks propaganda and evil depictions of Southern Plantation owners by post Civil War revisionists in her touching account of her father, Thomas Smith Gregory Dabney (1798-1885), and other Planters of Virginia and Mississippi, pointing out the congenial and family-like atmosphere that existed on the vast majority of Plantations. Includes letters, articles, and genealogical history of the family (d'Aubigné, D'aubenay, Daubeny, Dabnée, Daubney, Bigny, Dabney) from its French-Huguenot origins, through Wales, and with greater detail in America from 1715 through the American Revolution and the Civil War. A walk back into time, and a documented look at daily life on a real Southern Plantation. Complete with all Illustrations from the original 342 page book published in 1887. 
ISBN 0-7943-0073-1 $14.95 CD Windows 98/ME/95* Available Spring 2003. 

Accounts by Generals of the Union Army:

PERSONAL MEMOIRS OF U. S. GRANT by U. S. Grant (Ulysses Simpson, 1822- 1885). This famous former General of the Army of the Potomac in the Civil War, later General of the U.S. Army and President of the United States, finding himself dying of cancer and once again financially ruined, wrote his memoirs in the last months of his life as a means of restoring his family's financial security. Grant gives his genealogy and a complete account of his entire life through childhood; West Point; the Mexican War (in detail); Army life in California; private life at St. Louis, Missouri and Galena, Illinois; his string of business failures; and ends with his experiences and command in the Civil War (in greater detail). Includes numerous official communications and documents from the Civil War. The complete 1235 page Two Volume Book Set first published 1885-86. 
ISBN 0-7943-0099-5 $29.95 CD Windows 98/ME/95* Scheduled for 2004. 

MEMOIRS OF GENERAL WILLIAM T. SHERMAN by William T. Sherman (William Tecumseh, 1820-1891). Covers Sherman's genealogy, early years, West Point 1836-40, pre Civil War duty in the South and West; private life and financial failures; and his role in the Civil War. While both Sherman and Grant claim credit for instituting warfare against civilians and the widespread burning of civilian property in the South, Sherman at the least deserves credit for developing that previously unthinkable practice into an art— causing widespread starvation and disease —but effectively eliminating all possibility of Confederate Army resupply. About this Sherman said, "War is cruelty, you cannot refine it." Essential to understanding the brutal, but successful tactics used to defeat the Confederacy, with only slight factual discrepancies, (ex: Sherman claims only one company in his assault on Atlanta carried repeating rifles, when in fact, most of his command had 13 shot Henry repeating rifles). The entire 1070 page Two Volume Set first published in 1875; with additions from the 1886 2nd Edition. 
ISBN 0-7943-0100-2 $29.95 CD Windows 98/ME/95* Scheduled for 2004. 

PERSONAL MEMOIRS OF P. H. SHERIDAN, GENERAL, U.S. ARMY by P. H. Sheridan (Philip Henry, 1831-1888). Better known to many as a Legendary General in the Indian Wars of the Old West, Sheridan narrowly avoided being booted out of West Point, graduating low in its 1853 class, spent his early career skirmishing with Indians in the Western frontier, but rose to become the most important Union Cavalry Officer of the Civil War, and in 1883 succeeded Sherman as General of the Army. He commanded the "scorched earth" devastation of the Shenendoah Valley, and the raid on Richmond in which Confederate General J.E.B. Stuart was killed. His controversial military rule of post-war Louisiana and Texas led to his being reassigned to the frontier, clearing Indian lands for resettlement. Includes Sheridan's account of battles in Europe witnessed while a guest of Bismarck. The complete 1025 page Two Volume Set published immediately prior to his death in 1888. 
ISBN 0-7943-0101-0 $29.95 CD Windows 98/ME/95* Scheduled for 2004. 

The Aftermath of The Civil War:

THE LIFE, CRIME, AND CAPTURE OF JOHN WILKES BOOTH, WITH A FULL SKETCH OF THE CONSPIRACY OF WHICH HE WAS THE LEADER, AND THE PURSUIT, TRIAL AND EXECUTION OF HIS ACCOMPLICES. by George Alfred Townsend (1841-1914). A thorough reporting of the entire events of and surrounding the assassination of Lincoln, and the investigation, trial, imprisonment and execution of civilian suspects, conducted entirely by Military Courts in spite of jurisdictional protests by US Courts. Townsend's Book is an excellent example of how news reporting was done before Television — In vivid and detailed "word pictures", Townsend's "wire letters" to the Washington World Newspaper give the reader a full sense of the sights, sounds and whereabouts of all the participants and activities, leading up to the fatal event, the event itself, the State Funeral, and complete details of the capture and fates of the accused conspirators. An amazingly well written and full read in spite of its size. The complete 82 page Book published in 1865, with dozens of original sketches and maps, and added authentic photographs. 
ISBN 0-7943-0085-5 $14.95 CD Windows 98/ME/95* Available Summer 2003. 

CRIMES OF THE CIVIL WAR AND THE CURSE OF THE FUNDING SYSTEM by Judge Henry Clay Dean. A Northern Judge tells it all! With careful documentation and impeccable legal reasoning, Judge Dean lays out the unconstitutional and illegal means by which the Union funded and conducted the war against the split off states of the Confederate States of America, including the first use of the "principles" of and the true origins of the now perpetual Internal Revenue Service (initially a "temporary" War Debt Agency) and (anything but Federal) Federal Reserve Bank. An unanswered 1868 wake up call about the alarming and unconstitutional excesses of governmental power in the reunified United States; by a (previously) respected Northerner, after the Civil War. The complete 512 page Book published in 1868, with all original footnotes and charts, and added Illustrations. 
ISBN 0-7943-0086-3 $14.95 CD Windows 98/ME/95* Scheduled for 2004. 

THE NATIONAL AND PRIVATE "ALABAMA CLAIMS" AND THEIR "FINAL AND AMICABLE SETTLEMENT" by Charles C. Beaman (Charles Cotesworth). An exhaustive work about the huge claims filed against England by the United States government, and the resultant compensation for U.S. and private losses attributed to Confederate Cruisers Alabama, Florida and Shenendoah. Although paid for by the Confederacy, these ships were built in English Shipyards, which the U.S. argued was a violation of "Neutrality" on England's part. A fascinating read, if only for its proof of the viability of the comparatively tiny Confederate Navy. The entire 374 page 1871 Book. Also included: the complete 164 page 1877 U.S. Printing Office REPORT FROM THE SECRETARY OF STATE, WITH ACCOMPANYING PAPERS, RELATING TO THE COURT OF COMMISSIONERS OF ALABAMA CLAIMS. (This should have been Titled "101 Ways To Avoid Paying Out Awards Won On Behalf Of Private Claimants". Reconstruction politics and morality at its best, and official!). 
ISBN 0-7943-0087-1 $14.95 CD Windows 98/ME/95* Available Winter 2003. 

Great Southern Literature from after the Civil War: 

THE STORY OF MY LIFE, WITH HER LETTERS (1887-1901); AND A SUPPLEMENTARY ACCOUNT OF HER EDUCATION, INCLUDING PASSAGES FROM THE REPORTS AND LETTERS OF HER TEACHER, ANNE MANSFIELD SULLIVAN, BY JOHN ALBERT MACY by Helen Keller (Helen Adams, 1880-1968). In an era when few women attended College, Helen Keller of Tuscumbia, Alabama, graduated with honors from Radcliffe in 1904, and would write 13 books, numerous articles, help start several foundations, and become a world famous lecturer; all in spite of being left totally blind and deaf by scarlet fever when she was only 19 months old. Keller richly describes her "discovery" of communicating with others at age 7, years of learning language skills and eventually speech, and the constant efforts and companionship of her teacher Anne Sullivan, who made all these things possible for her. The complete 441 page Illustrated Book first printed in 1903. 
ISBN 0-7943-0093-6 $14.95 CD Windows 98/ME/95* Available Spring 2003. 

UP FROM SLAVERY: AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY by Booker T. Washington (Booker Taliaferro, 1856-1915). A slave until the age of eight, Washington became one of the greatest Black Educators in history, personally founding Alabama's famous Tuskegee Institute in 1881 — one of the Nation's most prestigious historically Black Universities — producer of the first black four star General, Daniel "Chappie" James, the famous WWII "Tuskegee Airmen", and currently the World's largest source of Black Aerospace Engineering and Veterinarian graduates. Washington's book vividly details his life, education and accomplishments, and also serves as an illustrated chronology of the development of Tuskegee Institute. The complete 330 page book first printed in 1901, with original and added illustrations. 
ISBN 0-7943-0094-4 $14.95 CD Windows 98/ME/95* Available Spring 2003. 

More Great BusterSoft ™ Old South Collection Books coming soon: 

by Walter H. Taylor, Adjutant-General of the Army of Northern Virginia [C.S.A.].
ISBN 0-7943-0108-8 $14.95 CD Windows 98/ME/95* Scheduled for late 2003. 

by Arthur J. L. Fremantle, Colonel of the Coldstream Guards (Britain).
ISBN 0-7943-0109-6 $14.95 CD Windows 98/ME/95* Scheduled for late 2003. 

by Sidney Lanier, famous southern writer and poet.
ISBN 0-7943-0097-9 $14.95 CD Windows 98/ME/95* Scheduled for Summer 2003. 

by Sidney Lanier, famous southern writer and poet.
ISBN 0-7943-0096-0 $14.95 CD Windows 98/ME/95* Scheduled for late 2003. 

By Alexander Hamilton Stephens, Vice President of the Confederacy.
ISBN 0-7943-0052-9 $29.95 CD Windows 98/ME/95* Scheduled for 2004. 

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