Prints of Paintings and Carved Caricatures By:
Talented Alabama Artist: (John) Bruce Dean
These Prints Are Perfect For Office Or Home Display,
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Homestead at Sizemore Valley
Print sample - Homestead at Sizemore Valley
These Captivating scenes are Prints of John Dean Paintings. These exclusive prints are sold for noncommercial use by the purchaser. Prints are signed by the Artist, shipped insured in hard roll case, and include a certificate of authenticity (also signed and dated by the Artist). 
All available in these sizes:

_8"x10" Prints... $17.99 each
10"x14" Prints... $29.99 each
16"x20" Prints... $49.99 each
20"x26" Prints... $69.99 each
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Bryars' Fountain Creek Bridge
Print sample - Bryars' Fountain Creek Bridge
Ducks at Hadley Marsh
Print sample - Ducks at Hadley Marsh
Hatter's Mill Memories
Print Sample - Hatter's Mill Memories
Hubbard Mountain Cabin
Print sample - Hubbard Mountain Cabin
The Sharecropper's  House
Print sample - Sharecropper's  House
Winter at Wilson Creek Bridge
Print sample - Winter at Wilson Creek Bridge
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Youthful Reflections
Print sample - My Youthful Reflections
Order any Two or more Prints on this page, and we will include this 8"x10" Print of the Artist at no extra charge!
Order an entire set of seven Painting Prints, any size, and receive a My Youthful Reflections Print of the same size Free!
This Print is available separately;

-8"x10" Prints ... $17.99 each
10"x14" Prints ... $29.99 each
16"x20" Prints ... $49.99 each
20"x26" Prints ... $69.99 each
My Youthful Reflections is based on an early photograph of Dean at his childhood home in Monroeville, Alabama. This Print has significance beyond its interesting subjects and composure, being a true-life record of the era and setting of the Academy Award winning 1962 Universal Studios film, "To Kill A Mockingbird", based on the Pulitzer Prize winning Novel by Monroeville's Nelle Harper Lee.
Coming Soon! - Prints of Carved Caricatures by this Artist
"Ole Mott" with dogs "Sis", "Boo", "Stubo" & "Mae"
These carvings are now being photographed in interestingly staged (and hilariously funny) groupings. Prints of this work will be made available as soon as we receive them from the printers. Selections are to include "split image sets" in addition to single Print groups.

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