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Notice: "BusterSoft ™ Books for Windows" are commercial software products, and may not be redistributed. But, You are invited to visit our website often and download any of our current Sample Programs, and please invite your Friends to visit our website for Samples, too. Most BusterSoft ™ Samples are "limited time only" — this Program is a "Permanent" Sample.
Also available: KJ w/ Apocrypha, KJ New Testament, American Standard Version.

Bustersoft ™ The Holy Bible : King James Authorized Version without Apocrypha — The Complete text of the traditional King James Old and New Testaments, with the entire "Dedication" and "Translators To The Reader" Preface to the Original 1611 King James Authorized Version, and with the words of Jesus displayed in Red. This Program has the "updated spelling and typeset" from the final corrective revision of 1769, but does not include the Books of "The *Apocrypha" from the original King James Bible. 
FEATURES: User selectable Font Size (ideal aid for vision impairments); full Search and Print capability; simple "point and click" Navigation Menus; and this Program has text "Copy and Paste" capability; all BusterSoft ™ Books for Windows will operate concurrently, and have our "Like A Book" User License, making them ideal for Personal, School or Library use.
        The entire Program is a single executable file, NO additional Files or "DLLs" are needed or added to your Computer — plus it is compact, about half the size of the Bible in plain text. 
REQUIREMENTS: A Pentium (equivalent) 150mhz or faster System is recommended for best performance, but our "BusterSoft ™ Books for Windows" Programs will operate in any computer using Windows 98/Me/95** or later.
**(Windows95 users need a browser upgrade of MS® IE 4 or later; Free at http://microsoft.com/windows/ie/)
(Note: ALL BusterSoft ™ CDs include a complete updated MS® IE browser. Click for Printable Order Form.)
To download and install from a single executable-setup file:
  Download and Run: Setup0001.exe  (2.5mb, about 15 minutes at 28k, 8 minutes at 56k).
(Note: We recommend downloading this file to your "Desktop", found at the top of your "Download List". Doing so will make it easier to locate the file after downloading, and easier to delete the Setup file after Installation.)

*(Apocrypha : Books found in the Greek Manuscripts, but not in the Hebrew, were separated from the Old Testament Books in the original 1611 King James Bible, but were a standard part of King James Bibles printed between 1611 and the early-mid 1800s. The books of the Apocrypha were Jewish "wisdom" and "historical" books, for the most part written in Greek and during the intertestamental period between Malachi and the New Testament.)

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