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Photo taken on outskirts of Monroeville, 1952This photo of John (our mgr., at age 3) sitting with his Great Grandfather (John) at "Papa John's Store" was taken in 1952 on the outskirts of Monroeville, the home of Harper Lee, and the setting of her Pulitzer winning 1960 book, "To Kill A Mockingbird." Monroeville was also the setting for the Academy Award winning film "To Kill A Mockingbird," starring Gregory Peck. Papa John's "retirement" store was located in the quiet community of Mexia, just outside Monroeville on the road to Old Salem.
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John Sr. - our mgr's father, Monroeville 1930Here's a photo of a 3 year old with even closer Monroeville ties. Our mgr.'s father, John Sr., was brought into this world by Dr. Rayford Smith on Feb. 2, 1927 in Monroeville. John Sr. lived in Monroeville as a child, and rode his bike past the Lee* and Faulk** homes on his way to Monroeville Grammar School. John Sr. moved to a larger Alabama city in early 1936.

*Lee home - childhood home of Nelle Harper Lee,  (born April 28, 1926) author of the Pulitzer Prize Winning Novel "To Kill A Mockingbird," and perhaps Alabama's most famous writer.
**Faulk home - childhood home of Truman Streckfus Persons, later known as Truman Capote (born Sept. 24, 1924). Capote is among the most famous of Southern writers. Some of his most revered works are "A Christmas Memory," "The Thanksgiving Visitor," "Breakfast at Tiffany's," "In Cold Blood" and "The Grass Harp." 
[Photo taken 1930, the car is a 1929 Model A Ford Roadster with a rumble seat].

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A Real 1930's Monroeville Kid Playing In OverallsIn Harper Lee's novel "To Kill A Mockingbird," (and in the movie), Jem and Scout seem to prefer "overalls" for everyday play clothes, and possibly more - if they had been allowed. Here is a photo of 3 year old John Sr. (same age as above) about to break in a brand new pair of boy's overalls, verifying that overalls may indeed have been the "children's play clothes fashion" of the day (c.1930) in Monroeville. Although it appears to be a "farmer's hat" (intentionally we suspect), the hat in this photo was actually John Sr.'s favorite, well worn cowboy hat pushed back.

Jem and Scout were played by Phillip Alford and Mary Badham, both from Birmingham, Alabama, in the Academy Award winning 1962 Movie, "To Kill A Mockingbird."
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Hank Williams, Sr.When he moved from Monroeville, John Sr. embarked on a fascinating path of experiences and associations. He would soon meet Hiram King Williams, another teenager from south Alabama. Destined to become one of the South's most famous song writers and singers, Hiram Williams was known as the "Singing Kid" and "Luke The Drifter," but is better known as Hank Williams (Sr.). John, Sr. briefly played in "the Singing Kid's" band as a young teenager, then falsified his age (15) to join the Navy during WWII. John Sr. and Hank Sr. never played together after that, but John Sr. & wife Irma, would be next-door neighbors to Hank & Audrey Williams in 1946 (320_1/2A & 320_1/2B Adams Avenue, Montgomery, Alabama, respectively). John Sr. & Irma are still "kicking" and at their computers every day, you can email them at
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Painting of William Barrett TravisPainting of David Davy CrockettA century before the time setting of "To Kill A Mockingbird," another Monroe County writer/publisher was about to become famous, although not for his published works. In 1818, 9 year old William Barrett Travis moved with his family from South Carolina to Monroe County, Alabama, where they settled land secured from the Creek Indian Nation in 1815 by General (and later, President) Andrew Jackson. (One of the men in Andrew Jackson's command was David Crockett). By age 22, Travis was publisher of the Claiborne Herald, a school teacher, a volunteer in the Militia, had "read Law" (as did Atticus Finch in Harper lee's Novel) and was a practicing attorney. He abruptly moved from Alabama to Texas in 1831, where he continued his law practice and Militia affiliation. On March 6, 1836, 4 days after Texas formally secceeded from Mexico, 26 year old commandant Colonel William Barrett Travis (above, left) and 187 men, including David (Davy) Crockett (above, right), died at the battle of the Alamo.

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Other Monroeville/Monroe County Literary notables include Mark Childress, Riley Nicholas Kelly, R. B. "Dickie" Williams, Mike Stewart, George Singleton, /and Greg Britt. Their works are also featured in the "BusterSoft Country Store" Bookshelves

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