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Patriotic Alabama Friend & Neighbor: Michael New
Alabama was settled by Revolutionary War patriots and their the sons and daughters from older states, and has remained a highly patriotic people, from the War of 1812; during the Civil War, Mexican War, Spanish American War, WWI, WWII, Korea, Viet Nam, the Gulf War, Clinton's Baltic "actions" and now through the Iraq war. We value our patriotic sons, and those of our sister states. One such young patriot is Michael New from Texas. We will not attempt to repeat the unbelievable, true story about young Michael here, as it is already available to you on his website:
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Please visit the Michael New website, and if you do not purchase one of their products, linked here for your convenience, please consider making a donation to his defense fund.
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The True Story of Spc. Michael New:

Micheal New - Mercenary...or American Soldier
The young soldier who refused to trade his US uniform for that of the UN
Daniel D. New, with Cliff Kincaid /Paperback
Price: 5.00

iconMicheal New - Mercenary...or American Soldier / Cassettes
The Complete unabridged book on Cassette Tapes
Cliff Kincaid, Daniel D. New (Reader) /AudioiconCassettes
MSRP: 10.00

Standing Strong Against All Enemies - The Story of Army Spc. Michael New
Comic Book format, 64 pages of full color, glossy paper
Hal Jones (illustrator) /Paperback
Price: 15.00 qty 1-10
Price: 9.00 qty 11-up

Good Conduct - The Michael New Story /VHS
Recommended by Brigadier General Andrew J. Gatis, US ARMY (Ret.)
Michael New /VHSTape
Price: 10.00

The Ballad of Michael New, and 10 other great hits
Featuring: A Patch of Green in a Sea of Blue (The Ballad of Michael New)
Dave Riddell  /MusicCD
MSRP: 14.95
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