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If your Anti-Virus Software hasn't been updated within a month, your Computer is in real danger! To be safe on the Internet these days, one must have easily updateable Anti-Virus Software — easy enough that one will update it, and frequently! Each week, new Viruses, Trojans and harmful Macros are found lurking on the Internet and in Innocent Looking Email. It is these new infectants that are most likely to inflict damage on your Computer, and if your Anti-Virus Software isn't new enough to detect new Infectants, it is almost worthless to you!

If you have any doubt as to the effectiveness of your current Anti-Virus Software, or haven't updated your Anti-Virus Software within the last week, Please Click this Banner for a FREE, Complete Scan of your Computer. It uses "Java" to search your Computer, and takes a little time on your first visit, but will detect any known Virus or Trojan:
Trend HouseCall -- Free Online Virus Scanner
TrendMicro also provides Free Online Virus Alerts, a Virus Primer and Encyclopedia for anyone who wants to learn more about Virus Protection. Click this banner to visit:
Trend Virus Information Center

TrendMicro's PC-cillin is an inexpensive "state of the art" Anti-Virus Product, which come with free weekly online updates! If you weren't offered the opportunity to purchase it while your Computer was being scanned, try this link:

Buy Trend Pc-cillin -- The #1 Desktop Antivirus
PC-cillin is a "real time" scanner, which means that it scans each file that your Computer or Browser runs, as it is being loaded to be run! If a File is found to be infected, PC-cillin:
(1) immediately "quarantines" the infected file and alerts you; (2) Asks permission to "Clean" the infected file (and why would you refuse?); then (3) "cleans" the infected file; or (4) keeps "uncleanable" files safely "quarantined" so that they cause no harm to your Computer.
        It just doesn't get any easier or safer than this, unless you never go Online, never use Email, and never install any Software in your Computer, ever!

Although we have not personally tested these Anti-Virus Software Products, we find them to be highly recommended by a variety of reputable Software Reviewers. (Note: As a general rule, one should not have multiple Anti-Virus Programs operating at the same time. Please read the instructions provided with these Products for specific download and installation instructions.)

AVG 6.0 Free Edition:
from Grisoft Inc., a Czech Republic technology company now based in the United States. Features real-time scanning and simple point-and-click Free Updates! The "AVG Free Edition" Software and (frequent) Free Updates may be downloaded from their website at:

AntiVir Personal Edition:
from H+BEDV Datentechnik GmbH (Germany), but available only in English Language versions. Also features real-time scanning and simple point-and-click Free Updates! The "AntiVir Personal Edition" Software may be downloaded from their website at:

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