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Essays Exposing The Myths Of Political Correctness - by Dr. John E. Russell. 16bit version for Windows 3.1 recommended for Pentium or newer computers, but will run in any Windows 3.1 computer. Complete and Free! Installs easily, and now features Uninstall!
To install from a single executable-installation file:
download and run: SetupPCM.exe (994kb).
To create a Program Installation Disk for Yourself or Friends (on one 1.2mb or larger disk):
download SetupPCM.exe (above), and copy it to a spare diskette.
   To install from your new Program Installation Disk in Windows,
insert diskette and run A:\SetupPCM.exe (use your correct floppy drive letter).
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Program Copyright © 1994-2002 by Dr. John E. Russell, JRCM .